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NOTE: Do not use Divi to edit this page (this page is not Divi compatible). 

This section contains system tips and instructional videos related to the Divi System and content modules. Best practices are outlined in order to assist content page developers for entering content.

  1. Before translating, it’s a good idea to build your page out fully. That way you won’t have to go back and do all the updates in the other languages every time you change something in the editing process.
  2. For Translating page content, it is best to use the Divi machinery. Just go to Seiten/Pages and use the Divi buttons to enter and match up content for the translation.
  3. When entering content ensure that you are in the root language for the System “German”. Once a page is completed, then you can translate it to other languages.
    1. Make sure you do changes in the German version of the page first. This is your primary language for the site and Divi will give you the machinery to translate to your other chosen languages from there.
  4. How to build your Menu/Navigation: Once you have saved new content, go to the Design tab and choose Menus. From there you can place the item in the navigation structure.
    1. It is important to place content below the main menu content. This is done by simply clicking on the item in the menu and dragging it to the right.
    2. This ensures that the item is below the main navigation content and in the place you wish it to be in the sub navigation menu.
    3. You can place the menu item anywhere using this method.
  5. Mainly you will likely be using the text, image, and accordion modules.

Exercise: Make a sample page that you can trash later (remember don’t publish this page, just save it as a draft 🙂  Play with the content in the Divi Builder. That is the easiest way to become familiar with the Divi Builder.

It’s a good idea to start with the Divi Builder video (the first video below in the Structure and Function section). That gives you a great overview of the interactive page building system. What this means is you can build pages while actually looking at the content. It’s quite an advancement and once you get used to it you will find it helpful to see the effect of everything you do; as you do it.

WPML Langauge Management System

The WPML system has been set to use the automated language management machinery. This means that generally speaking, it is better to avoid using the manual translator. This will avoid conflicts that might force you into using the string translator.


Page Design Guide

In order to maintain the design schema of your site please use this guide for colors and structural ideas while building new pages:

Image Dimensions

Image slider background:
Fullwidth Beste Grüsse Image: 1920 x 1280
1 column: 1080 pixels
¾ column: 795 pixels
⅔ column: 700 pixels
½ column: 510 pixels
⅓ column: 320 pixels
¼ column: 225 pixels
Enabling Parallax will give your background images a fixed position as you scroll AND your images will scale to the browser height.

Slide Image – If you want to also add a slide image, it will display to the left of your slide text and on top of your slide background image. If no slide image is set, then the slide text will be displayed centred. As the height of the slide is set by the amount of text on the slide, if your slide image is tall enough it will drop below the bottom of the slide, creating bottom aligned image.
Slide images will only appear in sliders that are in ⅔ column, ¾ column, or 1 column widths.
Slide images will not display on browser widths of less than 768 pixels. The widths of slide images are:

1 column: 410 pixels
¾ column: 308 pixels
⅔ column: 260 pixels


Structure & Function

Divi Builder Divi Sections Divi Rows
Divi Library Right Click Options Keyboard Shortcuts


Content Structured Modules

Accordion Blurb Testimonial Text

Image Related Content Modules

Gallery Image Map Video

Full Width Content Modules

Full Width Header Full Width Map Full Width Portfolio Full Width Slider

Structural Content Modules

Post Slider Sidebar Tabs Toggle

Interactive Content Modules

Button Call to Action Contact Form Social Follow

Design Type Element Modules

Divider Post Title